White Chocolate Mousse

This was a quick and easy recipe to make, a great dessert ready in about 15 minutes.  I love white chocolate, so when I found this recipe it was a must that I tried it.



1 tablespoon Milk
1 1/2  oz White Chocolate Baking Bar
3/4 cup Milk
1 small box White Chocolate Instant Pudding mix
2 cups Cool Whip, thawed


  1. In a small saucepan, add the 1 tablespoon of milk and the white chocolate bar.
  2. Melt over low heat, till chocolate is all melted and combined.
  3. In a Mixing bowl, whisk together the 3/4 cup of milk and the instant pudding.
  4. Stir in the white chocolate/milk mixture till all combined.
  5. Fold in the Cool Whip.
  6. let sit in refrigerator for about 15 minutes or until ready to serve.
  7. Spoon into individual dessert dishes, top with whip cream, and fruit.

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