Silver Plume, Colorado

Do you live near Denver and looking for a fun area to check out, or will you be traveling the area before winter sets in? Travel west on Interstate 70 from Denver heading toward Loveland Pass and the Eisenhower Tunnel and check out the old mining towns on your way. A fun quirky favorite is the quaint and very old mining town of Silver Plume. Silver Plume is just a 1/2minute off the Interstate, but it’s like stepping back in time.

Once there, park your car and walk up and down the street.

At one end is an old building that houses a bakery where you can purchase fresh baked bread. The owner said he bakes 550 loaves a day, right in the tiny kitchen behind the counter! That is one hard working baker. The place is called the Sopp & Truscott Bakery. One need only to walk in and take a look, and it is hard to not want to purchase a loaf of a large variety of fresh breads.

In the ‘center’ of town, is a place called The KP.

Walk into the KP and sit and relax. The owner is there to make you something to eat, or just stroll around and enjoy the huge antique shop, full of fun and unusual items. Sit at the counter and spend some time playing with the difficult game puzzle’s the owner has that will either entertain you for hours or cause you to laugh at yourself, because you can’t figure them out. The owner will show you the answer if you beg and plead long enough, but its obvious the joy she gets out of watching the people squirm and get frustrated trying so hard to solve them. She also sells homemade lotions and lip balms to soothe your dry skin, needed in the dry Colorado mountain air.

Another charming building to stop into is called the Silver Plume Tea Room, located only a few steps away from the KP. The Tea Room is in a building built in 1889 used originally as a mercantile, and then a saloon. The Tea Room is also filled with antiques but of a different flavor than the KP, with items such as antique china, jewelry, ladies hats and some other gift items. If you dare, you can walk down into the basement, but only at your own risk. The basement is filled with more antiques and the floor is the buildings original old wood beam floor (it creeks) and has a very low ceiling. It’s interesting and exciting at the same time, like stepping back in time, and one might wonder if there could be ghosts! Step back upstairs and sip some tea at tables dressed with old china and flatware and relax a spell.

It’s these unusual places that makes memories!

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