Sadie’s Eventful Week

Today, after work, I went to the chiropractor. Since it was 90 degrees outside, I couldn’t leave Sadie in the car. So she came with me into the office. I put her into her little bag, and carried her into the reception area. At first, she sat in there and just growled at everyone that walked by. After we got into the room she settled down a little.  She didn’t have “work” done on her this time but I think when we go back on Monday she will.  It’s always worth trying once.

This week was a very eventful week for Sadie. We went on a walk through the woods on Monday evening and she had her first snake encounter. She likes to stop and smell every thing, and this time when she stopped there was a garter snake. She smelled around and stuck her nose right into the center of the snake. The snake lifted up and Sadie jumped back standing just on her back legs and ran away. When we got home later that evening all she wanted to do was cuddle with her bunny and go to sleep.

July 4th was a day she would like to forget.  She spent half of the day hiding in a shelf  or in the corner in the room. She wasn’t a huge fan of the fireworks, maybe because the boys were making large explosives that were super loud. 🙂

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