The First Time – Sadie’s Swim Lesson

“The First Time – Sadie’s Swim Lesson”

Over the weekend I decided to teach Sadie how to swim.

We went to the little dog store in the harbor and bought her first life jacket. It’s pink with white dots, and it even has a handle. I thought we would start somewhere easy, so I chose the bathtub. We filled the bathtub up but all she would do was stand still. The tub wasn’t deep enough for her to even paddle…

I decided we would go up to my boyfriend‘s house and teach her in his bathtub. The first thing she did was sink, and while she was paddling she was sinking. So, Matt decided to hold on to her and just let her learn to paddle. She didn’t like it so much but she is learning. I think maybe 2 or 3 more times in the tub and she will be ready for the lake. 🙂

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