Photo of the Day – Swimwear

Over the years, I’ve done a ton of photo shoots. This is one that I really enjoyed, and it’s going to be a fond memory of mine for years to come.

Instead of flying, I drove with my mom from Phoenix to Los Angeles. If you’ve ever made the trip in your car, you know what I’m saying when I say it is painfully boring. Imagine an endless strip of road, snaking its way through the lifeless span that is the southwestern Sonoran Desert. Seriously, it has the cacti and rolling tumbleweed. I think I even saw Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner one time…

After being in the car for 5 hours, we finally arrived to the studio where we were shooting. I was in hair and makeup for 3 hours if you can belive that. Then, it was time to shoot.

The photographer had a huge fan blowing on me the whole time we were shooting, and it was freezing cold. I had to drink coffee and hot coco just to keep warm! By the end of the night I was an over-caffeinated ice cube that couldn’t get to sleep…

Sheila Frank, a fashion clothing designer, was the brain behind this photo shoot. She liked the photos enough to use them on her swimsuit tags! Needless to say, I was super excited about that.

The amazing photographer, who I have shot with many times in the past, was Lucinda Wedge. She is incredibly talented at what she does, and she only produces the best of the best pictures.

I’m truly blessed to have been the model in this shoot, and I’ll always be grateful for the amazing time I had!

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