German Pancakes

German pancakes are also sometimes called a Dutch Baby. They are easy to make and require few ingredients of which you most likely have on hand. They are also fun to watch puff up in the oven. They can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a special snack/dessert. For breakfast serve them with sausages, bacon and fruit. For lunch, how about a fresh green salad with fresh sliced tomatoes and cheese on the pancake; drizzle with oil and balsamic vinegar, add some herbs. For dinner, serve it along with fresh green beans and zucchini from the garden, some homemade applesauce and add a dollop of sour cream on the pancake.

My Favorite way to eat them, squeezed lemon juice, with powdered sugar over top. I could eat these all day long if  I could.



Pan Size Butter Eggs Milk & Flour
2-3 quarts 1/4 cup 3 3/4 cup each
3-4 quarts 1/3 cup 4 1 cup each
4- 4 1/2 quarts 1/2 cup 5 1 1/4 cups each
4 1/2 -5 quarts 1/2 cup 6 1 1/2 cups each


  • Preheat Oven to 425 degrees F.
  • Melt butter in a pan or baking dish in oven.
  • In a blender add the eggs and mix on high speed for one minute.
  • While still on, gradually pour in the milk, and then slowly add flour. Continue whirling for 30 seconds. (With a rotary beater, beat eggs until light and lemon colored; gradually beat in milk then flour.)
  • Remove the baking dish from oven and pour the batter into the hot melted butter.
  • Return to oven and bake until puffy and well browned – 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the pan size.
  • You will see that about seven minutes into the baking process the pancake begins to puff, then climbs up sides of pan.
  • Dust with powdered sugar.
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    1. I have been making this since I was 9 years old and switch between this recipe and another "lighter" one, depending on my mood. I recently discovered that a fresh berry puree that's sweetened with blue agave is INCREDIBLE as a topping.

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