Fun October Treats

My mom came home from Bunco last night, all excited to show me this cute, fun and easy Halloween dessert that I could share with all of you. She found someone who had a camera to take a picture and email it to her this morning. I too, think this is the cutest idea, and very simple too! Kids, along with the adults, will delight in this treat.
Thank you Renee Brock for having such a great imagination and bringing smiles to all the Bunco girls, and thank you to Debbie Komperda for sending us the images.

According to Ranee, all she did was drizzle melted chocolate on the waffle type of cone and added some sprinkles. Then she scooped either pumpkin flavored or Butterfinger Ice Cream into the cone. Then, place ice cream side down on the dish and add the broom. The broom? A piece of licorce sliced on the end to resemble the end of a broom! She recommended using a sharp knife for making the cuts, as appossed to scissors, as the scissors got too sticky.

So fun!

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