Ben & Jerry’s- S’mores

If you ask my boyfriend, Matthew Blancarte, he will tell you for the past couple months I keep asking if we can make S’mores. I love S’mores because they remind me of camping and being outside. Needless to say, my favorite part is the marshmallow.

So, when we were at the grocery store the other night, I was standing in front of the ice cream and I couldn’t decide what flavor I wanted to get. Then, all the way in the back I saw one flavor that caught my eye… S’mores. There was only one left so I had to get it. Right when we got home I opened up the ice cream and started eating it right out of the container.

It was so tasty! The nice smooth chocolate ice cream with fudge chunks, toasted marshmallow’s and graham crackers swirls. My favorite part was the marshmallow’s and graham cracker swirls. It added that much-needed crunchy texture.

This is definitely a flavor I would recommend to everyone. Go buy yours, and you wont want to share.

Ben & Jerry’s- Milk & Cookies

About a month ago, my boyfriend’s roommate, Nate Whitehill, had me try this new flavor of ice cream he purchased. After one bite I was hooked. Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies is one of the best flavors I have tried!

This ice cream actually tastes like you are really eating cookies and milk. This delicious concoction is vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl, chocolate chips, and chocolate chip cookies. Every bite you take tastes so delicious you don’t want to stop eating it.

Short and sweet. That’s my review for you. 🙂