From Then to Now



The best brother a girl could ask for.

For the birthday this year I received a letter from my brother:

On this day 23 years ago, there was a knock at the front door.  I went running downstairs to see what it was.  Boy was I surprised when I saw that Santa had answered my wishes and delivered me a baby brother.  I was even kind of okay with it when mom told me that the little baby was actually a girl and that Santa had not brought it, but gypsies.  I am grateful for you and you being cool.

This made me laugh so hard because he always tried to tell me we weren’t related. Over the years we have grown to be the best of friends.

Mr. Ducky

Sadie has a new toy that she sleeps with all the time now. It’s name is Mr. Ducky and he is her new best friend. When my boyfriend Matt’s dog Jojo try’s to take him away she gets mad. Whenever I come in the room she always has him by her side, its so cute. 🙂

Sadie’s First Photo Shoot

To prepare for Sadie for her first photo shoot the day before she took a trip to her favorite place, the groomer. (She isn’t a huge fan of the place, she actually hates it.) The morning of her big day we woke up and got ready and were on our way to the studio but we had to make one stop by Starbucks of course.  We arrived at the studio and went straight into hair and makeup, well I got my hair and makeup done she just got a  brush. It was time to be in front of the camera, the first couple shots she was so scared and only wanted me to hold her but she finally warmed up. She loves being in front of the camera and the spot light. After a hard days work she slept the whole way home.  It was a successful day and I think Sadie will have many more shoots to come.

Photo of the Day- Sadie’s 2nd Birthday

“Sadie’s 2nd Birthday”

On September 5, 2010 Sadie turned 2. It doesn’t seem like I have had her that long. She is my spoiled little baby so of course she got a bunch of toys. She also got 2 new collars and new bows for her hair. My little puppy isn’t a puppy anymore.  

These are some of her new toys. She loves to cuddle with them. 🙂

Photo of the Day- Red Rock Amphitheater

At the top of the Red Rock Amphitheater!

Last weekend I was in Colorado visiting my Aunt and Uncle. My Uncle took us to the Red Rock Amphitheater because my mom wanted to go to the art festival going on there.

My mom thought the festival would be at the top of the theater, but when we were about half way up I looked down and the festival is at the bottom of it… just on the other side from where we parked so we didn’t see it. Whoops!

I would never recommend wearing flip flops when going here as it was hard to walk up and my feet were super sore from the walk later that night. Anyone who visits Colorado must go visit this place! The view is amazing and you can see Denver far off the distance when you are at the top of the amphitheater.