Blue Eyes

“Blue Eyes” 2010

This painting was one of my first attempts at capturing a face within my own style. This is actually one of my favorites and for now until its sells, it sits on the shelf in the TV room. “Blue Eyes” in on a 9×12 stretched canvas and comes ready to hang.

Clown Times Painting

“Clown Times” 18×24

I had a fun time painting this clown. I wanted to do something that reminded me of when I was a child, and would go to the circus. Bright colors was the main thing I wanted to use while working on him, I didn’t want anything dull. “Clown Times” can be hung anywhere from a kids room to your living room anywhere you want to have bright fun colors in an art piece. This painting is on a 18×24 stretched canvas and ready to hang with a hook on the back, all you need to do is mount him on the wall.